Saturday Night Hockey Club

by Kaz Kikuchi & friends
'cause hockey is fun


<General rules>

Players should bring their OHIP card.
Slap shots are NOT allowed on low level games.

Bring dark and white jerseys if possible.
Split into two teams (dark and white) well balanced in each room.

   HOME bench for players with white jersey.
   VISITOR bench for players with dark jersey.
   Please note the entrance side is the HOME bench.

Goalies will be switched in a half way into the game. (may not apply to one hour game)
Make your shift short and change frequently.  2 minutes maximum per shift.
Play easy on red stick players.

No officials will be present.  You are your own referee.

<Red stick rule>
Only Beginners (aka red stickers) can check beginners in beginner zone. (see below)
If you want to be treated as a 'beginner' wrap the blade with red hockey tape.
Even in the offensive zone or defensive zone, other players are requested to give room to red stick players.

<Important notes>

This is a no contact, fun, co-ed pickup game. If you are looking for a chance to pick fights or be the tough guy on the ice, go somewhere else.  You will be kicked out without a refund and banned for life.

Kaz Kikuchi and the arena operators, their agents, representatives, successors and assigns, are not responsible for any accidents, injuries, loss or damage happened before, during or after the game.
All participants are expected to agree with this.

New players need to sign on a waiver form before the first game.

SNHC Waiver form
download here 

Upcoming Events

Friday, Sep 3 All Day
Monday, Sep 6 All Day
Friday, Sep 10 at 8:45 PM - 9:45 PM
Friday, Sep 10 at 9:45 PM - 10:45 PM